Every crime has three primary components; motive, why the criminal does what they do…means, the behaviors the criminal always engages in and how he “sets up” the victim…and opportunity, the environment needed to commit the crime (i.e. get the victim isolated where he/she can’t be seen or heard).  Real Safe Agent prevents crime by preventing the criminal’s “means” from being effective and/or denying the criminal the opportunity to commit the crime; depending on the features used. 

Build Your Community

Your network will ensure that you never have to go on an appointment or Open House alone; and if you do choose to go alone you can have someone casually drop-in within a few minutes of when you become uncomfortable.  You build your own community by adding buddies and creating and joining groups. 

Buddies are people to whom you are directly connected; a buddy could be a friend, family, colleague, etc… You can have as many buddies as you wish, and if those buddies are not agents they can install Real Safe Agent and be a buddy at no cost to them or you.

Groups are made up of agents willing to respond to each other’s Accompany Me requests and Drop-in alerts. You can create or join as many groups as you wish; groups can be public groups or private groups. Teams, brokerages, Associations, etc… are logical safety groups. However any agent can form a safety group for any reason, such as a safety group for a facebook group for local agents or a Title company that wants to help support agent safety in a meaningful way. 

Hoosfon and Prospect Link

Predators will always tell you a story designed to create bonding and establish trust.  Hoosfon allows you to see if your prospect is using a disposable pre-paid phone, which may be a red flag, as well as other key information.  Prospect Link allows you to request a selfie and a pic of their drivers license.  If you send a Prospect Link or run a hoosfon lookup you can your prospect’s Agent Comfort Index.


Agent Comfort Index

Predators always visit with multiple agents prior to making an attack and those agents always report feeling uncomfortable. Agent Comfort Index allows you to know if your prospect has been reaching out to other agents and if those agents reported feeling uncomfortable. Unlike commercially available criminal history background checks the information is relevant to crime against agents, and the data is accurate and reliable because it comes from you and agents like you around the country.

Accompany Me

Agents from every market in North America go on appointments alone when they don’t want to because their regular “go-to” person isn’t available. Accompany Me allows you to send an accompany me request to your buddies and nearby agents in your groups. Accompany Me ensures that you never have to go alone.

Drop-in Alerts

At one time or another all agents will keep themselves in situations where they feel uncomfortable because they are worried about making a sale.  Drop-in alerts allow you to have another agent or buddy casually drop-in within minutes of when you first become uncomfortable; preventing a crime if the prospect was a threat without endangering a sale if the prospect wasn’t. Drop-in alerts are issued from Showing Mode which appears as a fake Home Screen so it's clandestine. Acting when you’re uncomfortable saves your life, waiting until you’re scared is too late!

Open House Features

The most dangerous times of an Open House are at the beginning and the end. Real Safe Agent’s Open House accompaniment allows you to arrange for people to be with you at the opening and the closing. Open House Mode allows you to issue drop-in alert if you become uncomfortable with someone at the Open House; you can also issue a 9-1-1 Alert if you need the police.

9-1-1 Alerts

Hopefully you’ll never need the police while you’re at a Showing, Open House, or Listing Appointment. If you do Real Safe Agent is the only system fully integrated with the nation’s 9-1-1 system. Also, Real Safe Agent uses technology from our Real Safe 911 product so when you use Real Safe Agent to reach 9-1-1 the 9-1-1 operator will receive your physical address on their screen.  9-1-1 alerts are issued from Showing Mode by violently shaking the phone because this is the natural motion when running or fighting off an attacker.