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About us

Our History

Real Safe Agent was founded in 2014 by CEO Lee Goldstein. In late 2014 Lee was reading an article about agent safety and when he read the line:

“We as agents will keep ourselves in situations where we feel unsafe simply because we are worried about the sale”.

At that moment Lee’s previous experience as a therapist for serial predators came alive and he had an epiphany. Lee had a vision for the system, understood what the industry had done wrong, what it needed to do to get to zero crime, and designed the first legitimate academic research into crime against real estate agents. Lee invited a friend to lunch to get his opinion, his friend confirmed Lee’s faith in the idea, and 90 minutes after the epiphany Lee resigned as COO of real estate services company. Now, years later:

Real Safe Agent ...

  • ... is the only crime prevention system in the industry
  • ... is the most widely used product for keeping agents safe
  • ... is the creator of agent safety classes that have been called “a breakthrough”
  • ... has the most widely viewed safety videos in the industry
  • ... has transformed the way the industry approaches agent safety.