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  • Avoid Being Targeted by a Predator

    The Real Estate Industry has traditionally approached crime against REALTORS® as if it were random and opportunistic, this is a fallacy. The overwhelming majority of crime against REALTORS® is predatory crime committed by predators. Simply look at what someone must do to commit a crime against a REALTOR®: 1) Pick a victim 2) “Research” the victim […]

  • Real Safe Agent©selects Susan Young for Vice President of Industry Relations

    An experienced and successful senior executive in the real estate industry, Susan brings extensive insight, knowledge, and deep industry relationships to the position. Susan Young has been a fixture in the industry for more than 16 years, most recently serving as Director of Industry Relations at® for 10 years. Prior to that Susan served […]

  • Crimes against agents are NOT random..

    There are some people that are propegating the myth that crimes agaist agents are random and oppotunistic…WRONG.  Crimes against real estate agents are not random or opportunistic, they are pre-meditated crimes committed by predators.  The criminal chooses a target, a site to commit the crime, plans how to lure the agent to the site, plans […]

  • Prevention vs. Reaction

    Recently, a friend asked me to review some personal safety apps. Just to be clear, a personal safety app is an app that loads onto your smartphone and allows you to alert a handful of pre-defined people that you are in trouble. Additionally, some of these apps will also alert a call center that will […]