Real Safe AgentTM is the total real estate community safety system.

How Real Safe AgentTM Works

What is RSA

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    Real Safe AgentTM allows every part of the real estate community — from the MLS to the agents — to play an active role in protecting every agent.  Real Safe AgentTM empowers the entire real estate community to protect itself, while still allowing each agent to work the way they need to work.

Key Features Enhance End-to-End Agent Safety

    • screen-verification

    • Visually verify a prospect in advance.

      Prior to a first meeting with a new client, agents can send the prospect a text message with a link where the prospect can upload their picture and name.

    • screen-appointment


    • Attach prospects to appointments.

      When appointment time is up, the system sends an “Are you okay?” message. If the agent doesn’t respond, the system lets people know where you are and with whom you are meeting.

    • screen-showing-mode

    • Discreetly converts agent’s phone into an active alert device.

      In showing mode, a false home screen converts the agent’s phone screen into an alert button. Press and hold anywhere on the screen to discreetly request assistance from nearby agents.

    • screen-alert-area

    • The Alert Area map locates the distressed agent.

      Responding agents see the name, picture and meeting address of the agent issuing the alert, as well as a map showing the location of the alerting agent.

Watch Commanders Monitor All Alert Activity

  • watch-commander-screen-masked


    Protect your people.

    Multiple listing services, boards and brokerages designate Watch Commanders who monitor alerts and identify nearby agents who can respond.

Additional System Features

    • Dual Alerts—Agents can discreetly request assistance from nearby agents when they first become uncomfortable (a drop-in alert); or an emergency alert if they need the police.
    • Remote Monitoring—Responding agents, buddies and Watch Commander can listen in on the alert site so they know exactly what’s happening.
    • Visual Verification—Agents can request a selfie and even a photo of the driver’s license.
    • Prospect Reviews—Agents can see what other agents have said about a prospect.
    • Active Notification—An agent’s buddies, brokerage and the MLS are notified when an agent needs help, when another is responding, and when the responding agent reaches the alert location.
    • Find a Buddy—Agents can easily find another agent to accompany them on an appointment.
    • Reporting—MLSs, boards, and brokerages can run security and response reports.
    • Privacy Protection—Watch Commanders can only see agents who are within an active alert area. An agent can choose to hide his/her identity.

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