Real Safe Agent

Get Real, Sell Safe

Real Safe Agent is not a personal safety app,
it’s a crime prevention system built specifically for the Real Estate Industry.

Based in behavioral science, Real Safe Agent empowers the entire real estate community to cooperate and collaborate to keep each member safe.
This cooperation and collaboration prevents the pre-curser behaviors of the predator from escalating to a crime and denies the predator and other types of criminals the environment they need to commit a crime


The value of the organization is the community it provides

Real Safe Agent is designed to be a catalyst for behavioral and cultural change.

Agents are rewarded for actions that help keep themselves and every other agent safe.

Associations/MLS can add Real Safe Partners from the local business community.

Associations & Brokerages can have safety awards.

Customized “Going Home Safe is a Member Benefit” Program.

A full year of safety videos & articles.


Collaboration prevents the hunting behaviors of the predator from escalating to a crime

Crime against agents is predatory crime, and it meets all the classic predatory behavior patterns.

For example, research tells us that predators always meet with multiple agents prior to making an attack.
Real Safe Agent’s Prospect Link & Agent Comfort Index prevents victim shopping and provides agents with the information needed to prevent himself/herself from being alone with a potenially dangerous prospect.


Cooperation denies the predator and other types of criminals the environment they need to commit the crime

An agent will go on appointments alone when they can’t find someone to accompany him/her.
Real Safe Agent’s Accompany Me makes it easy for agents to find someone to accompany them on appointments. So nobody ever has to go alone.

Agents keep themselves in situations where they feel unsafe because they are worried about making a sale.
Real Safe Agent’s Drop-in Alerts allow agents to have another agent casually “drop-in” on a showing when they first become uncomfortable. Preventing a crime if the prospect was a threat without jeopardizing a sale if the prospect wasn’t.

Crime Prevention

There has never been an attack or attempted attack on an agent
while he/she was using Real Safe Agent.

Real Safe Agent prevents the crime from occurring as opposed to reacting to the crime after it has started.

The Collaborative Prevention Model, the behavioral model upon which Real Safe Agent is built, is a proven method for preventing pattern based crimes.

However, just in case there is one, Real Safe Agent is fully integrated with the nation’s 911 system.